1. I would sympathize. But i get to listen to Trump’s guidance which is pretty much just as misguided, and a bit more dangerous. I used to hear about double talk when i was younger. These guys are triple talkers.

  2. Exactly. And we’ve got more than enough overly firm hands flashing badges before using their clubs, stun guns and worse. So many great efforts, so much energy for change, so willing people are to gather for goodness, but woven into the mix is greed, opportunism, and selfishness. I hope the police, and the military who are ” just doing their job” and the opportunists who feel “why not? I’m owed at least this if not more” realize the harm they represent to all of us. They create a world where speaking your truth is speaking into the void.

  3. Sorry, picky proof reader in the corner… “underlying BOUT of irony”. I’m a bit of a git when it comes to words! I’ll get me coat…

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