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Hunting parties being exempt from the rule of 6 ‘shows how compassionate and in touch with the general public we are’ confirms Boris.

By Acton Murry As much of the UK get used to and adopts new restrictions to daily life, many have been left scratching their head and confused by the rule of 6. “I don’t get it!” moaned Sarah Munch from Slough “I can go to my office block and spend all day breathing in the […]

Freelance photographers still patiently waiting to snap first photo of Prince Andrew sweating

By Tony Curram Photographers the world over are braving the excruciating heat, patiently waiting in well-constructed hides to snap the first photos of the Prince sweating profusely. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleges she was trafficked to London to have sex with the Duke of York, described vividly how she remembered the Duke ‘sweating all over […]

UK enters second week of attempting to appease angry fire god with sacrificial fair haired offerings

By Tony Curram With temperatures soaring to the high thirties in the UK this week, leaving many feeling like melted welly boots, religious zealots have upped attempts to pacify the angry fire god by rounding up all fair haired individuals and tying them outside in the midday heat. “The fire orb is angry! THE FIRE […]