About the editor

Tony Curram, Owner of The Larking Herald – He’s on the left.

Tony Curram

AKA Acton Murry, Writer, Editor and Owner of The Larking Herald

I first started writing under the handle Acton Murry which, the astute of you will have already noticed, is an anagram of my name. Why? Because putting your name to something is scary. It gives ownership, responsibility and makes it very, very real.

However, after some time dabbling with my satire and writing several short stories, I finally launched my own site in February 2020; I have been overwhelmed with the response so far.

In just three short months The Larking Herald grew from a Facebook page and website even my own mother didn’t accept the invite to (still hasn’t), to nearly two-thousand followers across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The subsequent success has spurred me on to open a store on the site, selling high quality slogan merchandise for all you satire and witty quip aficionados out there.

Currently the site is managed, written and designed for by Tony Curram, who’s juggling full time employment, a wife, four children and a creative outlet. Send caffeine. Or better yet, buy a t-shirt or ten so I can afford a continuous stream of coffee…Into my veins. Or eye-holes.

Helping the site grow are other budding new writers, such as the amazingly talented Ellie Taylor (definitely worth a click!). If you’re a new writer and you’d like to give satire a go, or a new comedian starting out then get in touch! Check out our contact page for details.

Mr & Mrs Curram with their eleventy million kids – don’t go for the third, it WILL be twins

And of course…You! Yes you! Every time you click a link and read a story, or share it and tag a friend, or buy something from our store, you help The Larking Herald grow. Our success, big or (currently) small, is because of you. What a hero! And to that all me and my family can say is; Thank you.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for The Larking Herald.