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No, seriously. Here at the Larking Herald, we take the days news and celebrities and produce satire intended for comedic affect. Although at times there may be a point to our meanderings, or even a grain of truth, no story is to be taken at face value or seriously. Seriously.

Some of our articles may contain links to third party sites (e.g. charities we believe are worth helping/raising awareness for), these sites are not operated by us. If you’re uncomfortable with this; don’t click the link! They’re always helpfully formatted as: here. We will never direct you away from our site otherwise.

Additionally, some of our articles may contain affiliate links. These cost you no extra however; we may get a payment if you purchase something via a link. Its how a lot of the internet works these days, and pays for my coffee addiction.

Building on the success of our blog and satire/spoof news stories, we’ve launched The Larking Herald store. Each item has been designed by us, and developed with our drop shipping partner to be of the highest quality, were sure you’ll love it; go check it out!

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