Hunting parties being exempt from the rule of 6 ‘shows how compassionate and in touch with the general public we are’ confirms Boris.

By Acton Murry

As much of the UK get used to and adopts new restrictions to daily life, many have been left scratching their head and confused by the rule of 6.

“I don’t get it!” moaned Sarah Munch from Slough “I can go to my office block and spend all day breathing in the same recirculated air with 40 other people, but I can’t have 7 of those people I work with daily over for a BBQ in the open air?”

Tony Martin, a high functioning alcoholic from Brighton said: “So, I can work on the building site all day with 20 people, and I can then go into the pub at the end of the day with 30 or 40 strangers inside, but I can’t have a beer in my own garden with my mates from work?”

Boris Johnson was quick to quell would be rule breakers by pointing out how fair and reasonable the new measures were by elaborating on some key exemptions:

“We know people want to socialise, that’s why we’ve not been completely heartless! Hunting parties are of course excluded from the rule of 6. No need to thank us, it’s just a little thankyou from us to the British public.”

“Nothing shows compassion, empathy and good spirit like killing diminishing wildlife with friends!”

“And of course, eye tests are unrestricted.”

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