‘NHS not for sale’ confirms government that can’t decide what day it is

By Tony Curram

The same government that has displayed you can trust them as just as far as you can trust John Terry with your wife, have declared the NHS is not for sale.

After voting down key legislation that would ensure the NHS could not be a part of any future trade deals, the government have been quick to extend their usual drivel, so we decided to compile our own list of U-turns:

  • School meal voucher scheme. After declaring no free school meals, Government shamed into U-turn by footballer Marcus Rashford.
  • Face masks. Michael Gove had barely finished giving his TV interview in which he said masks would be highly recommended but not mandatory, when the government then announced as of the 24 July, face masks would be mandatory. You’d like to think a senior member of government may have been briefed on this.
  • Track and Trace App Pt1. Originally was to utilise one central database (which no one else does). After serveral failures, finally conceded to use the Google/Apple alternative, which stores data on users’ phones’; the system used by the huge majority of countries around the world. Speaking of track and trace…
  • Track and Trace App Pt2. “A world-beating operation to test, track, trace and isolate new infections will be in place by June 1st.” – Boris Johnson. Its July Boris and we’re still using pen and paper with no app release date in sight; good use of over £11million
  • 100,000 coronavirus tests per day! Yea….that went well.
  • PPE for the NHS. Robert Jenrick: “A very large consignment of PPE is due to arrive in the UK from Turkey tomorrow.” Several days later, the delivery arrived filled with gowns not of high enough standard to be used by the NHS.
  • All Primary school children back to school. Gavin Williamson: “All primary school children to be back in school for a month before the end of term.”DespiteHead teachers consistently saying having everyone back at school is not a practical possibility, a small percentage of children have returned to school prior to the holidays. Education secretary has admitted ‘failings’.
  • Herd immunity. Despite still allowing mass gatherings such as concerts and football matches to go ahead whilst most of Europe were shutting down, the Government denied it was pinning its hopes on herd immunity and that the science didn’t confirm a lockdown would stop the spread. After a surge in cases, public backlash and open letters from the medical and scientific community, the government issued the lockdown.

So yea, the NHS is not for sale.

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