Sadomasochist left deeply disappointed after seeing #MaskMoaners trending on twitter.

By Tony Curram

A Sadomasochist has been left bitterly disappointed this morning after logging onto social media platform Twitter and seeing the hashtag ‘Mask Moaners’ trending, only to realise it was people complaining about the wearing of face coverings.

“I got so excited!” said Mr Grey from Essex “I usually keep quiet about my preferences for fear of ridicule, and have to go to some dark parts of the web to get my thrills, so seeing ‘Mask Moaners’ trending I finally thought it might be my time to speak openly about my preferences,”

“Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be Karol (with a K, obviously), who is unemployed but tells everyone she’s ‘medically trained’ because she did work experience in a doctors reception, telling everyone ‘masks don’t work’ and to ‘wake up sheeple’.”

“Wear a damn mask; it’s good for you and those around you! And you never know; you may enjoy it.”

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