Trump praying he didn’t claim tax back on any Epstein ‘Country retreat’ expenditures

By Tony Curram

As the Supreme Court have decided to uphold a subpoena issued by New York prosecutors to access President Trump’s tax records, President Trump is left wracking his brains if he has any receipts to Epstein for ‘services rendered’.

The decision rejects Trump’s assertion that sitting presidents should be exempt from criminal investigations while in office, and opens the President up to all sorts of potential allegations, including not just fraternising with convicted paedophiles and sex traffickers, but paying them.

One campaigner said: “Originally i only wanted to see his tax return to see if he had colluded with the Russians, or not paid as much to charity as he boasts, or maybe to see if he isn’t as rich as he proclaims. But now with the whole Epstein stuff, I’m curious to see how much money he gave to paedophiles and sex traffickers!”

However President Trump hit back, saying: “I’m confident my tax records are clean, super good accountants. I didn’t want to share my tax records like other presidents have the last 40 years, why? because no ones really interested. Besides, I did all my dodgy stuff in cash and precious metals anyway, much easier.”

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