‘There’s the guy who cut free TV licences for the elderly! Get him!’ Yells Johnson et al

By Tony Curram

Boris Johnson has again displayed his amazing ability for misdirection, by firmly throwing the BBC under the bus as many criticise the abolition of free TV licences for the elderly.

“I cannot believe it either; those heartless bastards!” said Mr Johnson, shaking his head disapprovingly, prompting a scathing look from our reporter causing Mr Johnson to clarify “yes alright, I concede we may have cut the funding the BBC used to pay for those free licences, but ultimately it was their choice to cancel the free licences.”

People in their thousands have fallen for the old bait and switch, taking to twitter and other social media platforms to vent their frustration at the BBC for axing free TV to the elderly, at a time when many are not able to leave their own home. Priti Patel said:

“I love how by no longer funding free TV licences for over 75s, the BBC get the blame! We learnt that trick when we slashed local authority funding by 60% then said it was up to local councils if they want to cut their services or not.”

“You know we did it, the BBC know we did it, we know we did it, and we don’t care!”

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