Jubilation as model villages are allowed to re-open (and apparently pubs too)

By Tony Curram

The UK public has had a huge boost to their morale today, as model villages are once again allowed to open up to the public. In addition to model villages re-opening, which has been demanded since day one, pubs and hairdressers are also allowed to re-open.

Mr Johnson has received mixed opinion about his relaxation of lockdown measures, with critics saying it’s too much, too soon, and others saying its needs to relax even further. However the government’s decision to allow model villages to re-open has been met with nothing but praise.

One model village fan, Mr Garitty from Kent said:

“I was so excited when I saw model villages had made the list of amenities allowed to re-open, I’ve got an absolute wild day planned out!”

“First I’m going to queue for five hours for a haircut, wander around the local model village for a few hours then go for a burger and a pint at the local pub; 2020 just got wild!”

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