Betting shops make a fortune as Ghislaine Maxwell survives another night in custody

By Tony Curram

Bookmakers have made a fortune over night after people in their millions placed bets that Ghislaine Maxwell would experience an ‘unfortunate accident/suicide’ whilst in police custody, much like her convicted paedophile Ex-partner Jeffrey Epstein.

“It’s been a real windfall for us,” said a beaming spokesman for Ladbrooks “We’ve been pretty quiet the last few months due to the Coronavirus halting all live sporting events, so this has been an absolute god send!”

As Ghislaine Maxwell continues to defy odds and answer police questions, it’s not just gamblers who are feeling frustrated. One gambler on the dark web, who only identifies as ‘Mr Never Sweats’, said on a secret gambling forum:

“Damn it! One has wasted a small fortune! And one most definitely thought it was a done deal, the amount one spent it most definitely should have been a sure thing.”

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