‘What is this; Amateur hour?!’ Cummings ridicules New Zealand twin’s lockdown breach

By Tony Curram

New Zealand’s health minister David Clark has resigned after criticism of breaching his own lockdown rules, by driving his family 12 miles to the beach citing ‘my role has become distracting from the government’s overall response to the pandemic’.

While most believe Mr Clark was right to resign, Dominic Cummings has criticised Mr Clarks decision.

“Quitting for driving 12 miles to the beach? Mocked Mr Cummings in a scathing voice “That’s nothing! I came up with a cover story for that whilst drinking my tea! Just say your children we’re low in vitamin D. What is this; amateur hour?!”

“Showing some humility and accepting you made an error in judgement is something for lesser men to do. I’m clearly above this; you can tell because I’m the guy wandering around at my leisure, dressed like a skateboarding college student while everyone else is in suits and ties.”

Many have been quick to shine the light back on Dominic Cumming’s blatant breach of lockdown rules, asking the question again: should he have resigned or been fired? Many have labelled the scenes at Bournemouth beach as the ‘Cummings effect’.

Mr Cummings simply said: “No.”

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