Property tycoons concerns as average UK property price tumbles from £220,000 to a mere £219,000

By Tony Curram

Fresh concerns for the property and real estate industry today as it was announced that property prices are down by approximately 1.4% from this time last year; leaving many with a property that’s now only worth 12 times the original price they paid for it.

“I brought by house fair and square in 1990 for £34,000,” said 55 year old David Smith from Sussex. “Now, thanks to this governments incompetence, its only worth £240,000!”

However the news was met with a glimmer of hope from some young would-be buyers, with one young couple saying:

“You never know, things could really fall into place. If prices fall enough and if aunt Margret catches the old covid leaving me a nest egg, and I sell one of my kidneys; I could afford 1 bedroom terraced house in the south in a few years’ time.”

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