‘Chat sh*t about Leicester, get banged’ warns Vardy

By Tony Curram

As Leicester becomes the first UK city to be hit with a localised lockdown, many have flooded Twitter with insults and derogatory comments. But despite the city being declared in 2017 as the ‘worst place to live in the UK’, it’s not without its supporters, and one passionate voice spoke out against the hate:

“Chat shit about Leicester, get banged,” declared Jamie Vardy

“Who is this Matt Hancock? Declaring Leicester is a risk to public health?! He’s going to get banged. And big Bo-Jo? He’s getting banged too. And all those Twitter trolls? Well form a line ‘coz guess what; you’re getting banged too.”

Many have actually praised the government for their quick action (for once). One supporter, Mr Meekings said:

“It’s about time Leicester was shut down for being a health risk. I had a kebab their last year; didn’t have a solid bowel movement for three weeks!”

We couldn’t finish the rest of our interview with Mr Meekings as he was busy being banged by Vardy.

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