Chase on paid leave pending results of police probe into historic misconduct

By Tony Curram

The figure head of the mighty Paw Patrol, Chase the police pup, has been put on paid administrative leave today pending the results of an investigation into historic claims of misconduct.

Chase stands accused of several accounts of excessive use of force and beefing up bogus charges; things are looking grim as witness after witness appears to be coming forward. One victim, who wishes to shield their identity states:

“I was merely walking down the street when I heard a yell from behind ‘Chase is on the case, ass-hole!’ before firmly striking me right over the back of the head with a steel baton knocking me clean out, and arresting me for J-Walking!”

Team leader Ryder was quick to jump to his police pups defence stating:

“Chase has served Adventure Bay with distinction, and strongly refute any accusations of misconduct. We are fully co-operating with the investigation, and expect Chase to be reinstated in due course ready for another ‘Ruff-Ruff! Rescue!’….just err…Obviously not too rough.”

However to throw complications into the mix, we have on good authority that one of the fellow Paw Patrol members are among the plethora of victims coming forward to out Chase as a bad boy; a very bad boy indeed.

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