Katie Hopkins permanently banned from twitter after breaching ‘terms of use’ by not actually being human, Twitter confirm

By Tony Curram

Controversial right wing social critic, part time column writer and full time c*nt, Katie Hopkins is no stranger to being banned from Twitter. However the social media giant has confirmed this time it is permanent due to ‘a gross infraction of our terms of use’.

Many supporters of Katie Hopkins have called the move a form of censorship, however many have been quick to highlight removing Katie from Twitter is no more censorship than a bouncer removing the loud, unpleasant racist, from the bar for shouting chants and slogans and generally disrupting everyone’s evening.

A Twitter spokesperson went even further and elaborated: “Removing Mrs Hopkins from Twitter had nothing to do with censorship. We have a very robust terms of use policy in place designed to keep our users safe online, and it has come to our attention Mrs Hopkins has been in breach of these terms for quite some time,”

“We have noticed that Mrs Hopkins appears to be in breach of the term ‘person’, whereby only living beings, not bots or Wraiths and Liches and various other entities, can use our platform. We have it on good authority that Mrs Hopkins is only able to maintain such a high level of hate by being dead on the inside,”

“And let’s be honest; who the fuck is going to miss her?”

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