“Wuhan? What Wuhan? There’s no Wuhan here; you’re mistaken.” insist China.

By Tony Curram

BBC news crews attempting to cover the ‘ground zero’ of the Coronavirus outbreak have become increasingly exasperated with Chinese officials attempts to block their recording, and refusal to answer questions.

News crews attempting to explore several different avenues of enquiry, including first-hand accounts from medical staff regarding the handling of the initial outbreak, to looking at allegations the virus may have been leaked from a nearby research facility studying Coronaviruses, have been met with a stalemate.

“No, you don’t need to speak to that nurse,” said an unidentified secret police officer “she and her family are perfectly content with the Governments initial handling of the outbreak, if they know what’s good for them.”

As the weeks have gone by, and China begins to show signs of another Coronavirus outbreak being on the horizon, responses to external medias probing has become more and more ludicrous, culminating in one official stating: “Wuhan? What Wuhan? There’s no Wuhan here; you’re mistaken. Isn’t that a place in America?”

“Yea, America have got it really bad; they definitely got the virus first. Have you tried investigating out there instead?”

Many nations have expressed deep frustration that after everything that has happened, China refuses to drop its shroud of secrecy. But many believe in these days of uncertainty, it’s reassuring to see somethings never change.

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