‘I’ll take a knee for no man, although I will bend over’ clarifies Dominic Raab

By Tony Curram

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has received backlash over his comments regarding the act of taking a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter group, commenting: “It looks like something from Game of Thrones,” and “it looks more like an act of subjugation than liberation.”

Many have previously criticised the Prime Minister for allowing Mr Raab to hold such a senior position in government, despite being grossly inexperienced compared to other senior members. His latest misstep seems to have reawakened the sentiment, causing the Prime Minister to order Mr Raab to clarify his position.

“I would like to take this moment to clarify my comments,” said Mr Raab “I merely meant I personally felt the act of kneeling seemed an odd act of defiance.”

When asked if in future he would take the knee, Mr Raab simply replied: “I’ll take a knee for no man, although I will bend over.”

At this point Mr Raab became somewhat flustered panicked, then began hitting himself in the head whilst murmuring ‘Stupid. STUPID!’. We asked Mr Raab if he was ok, at which point he seemed to regain his wits and made his excuses to leave:

“Sorry, I’m late for a meeting… I don’t want Mr Cummings to put me in the Chokey again…”

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