Whistle blower reveals abhorrent conditions inside Battery Chickpea farm

By Tony Curram

An industry insider has turned whistle blower to expose the cramped, squalid and frankly inhuman conditions UK Chickpeas endure to enable the industry to meet demand and remain cost effective.

Chickpeas are piled together in their thousands, as pictured, with no room to move properly. Many Chickpeas are injured due to the cramped conditions and are left to suffer and slowly die, their carcasses can be left for days, rotting in front of their companions, spreading disease amongst the Chickpeas, often making anti-biotics a necessary to stop whole ‘crops’ being lost.

One Carnivore activist said: “It’s funny, even when bean and vegetable conditions like these are exposed to the public, many simply say “Well I like the taste, and we evolved to eat plants so why not?” but the second you suggest the same treatment to their pet Daffodil or eating their prized Begonia, suddenly that’s un thinkable? Apparently all plants are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

As the demand for Chickpeas rises exponentially not just in the UK but worldwide, activists are concerned that plant welfare will continue to deteriorate, as companies strive to keep up with supply and demand and remain profitable. Leader of the main plant welfare group, PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants) said:

“Realistically, we don’t expect everyone to become a meat eater, and definitely not overnight, but we simply cannot continue consuming plant based products at the rate we are; limiting your consumption of Chickpeas for example to once a week as a ‘treat’, would drastically reduce demand and enable welfare to come first, rather than blind mass production.”

Many have been disgusted by the imagery of Chickpea treatment, but our whistle blower said: “You think this is bad? You should see what I’ve got on the Almond milk industry, and the hormones they pump into those poor guys!”

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