“Yes Black lives matter, but new Nike Airs are important too” confirm looters

By Acton Murry

As protesters around the world attempt to enact and drive social change and get justice for George Floyd; an American man murdered by a police officer kneeling on his neck for nine harrowing minutes, looters and vandals continue to undermine their efforts; creating a current day suffragists/suffragettes phenomenon.

In the states, as police attempt to show they’re not just armed thugs with Government approval, police have been going around like armed thugs with Government approval. Attacking both peaceful protests, news crews and looters/violent protesters alike.

One officer said: “I haven’t seen such incompetent policing since police academy. The movies, not actual training; although that was pretty poor too. They pretty much gave me a gun, a badge, an orientation and sent me out the door to deal with complex and highly volatile life or death scenarios.”

While peaceful demonstrations attempt to highlight the inequalities in our society, their voice has been somewhat tarnished and drowned out by the violent backlash and looting, with many clearly not interested in social justice but purely how many trainers they can loot, ironically destroying their own neighbourhoods and setting their movement back.

One protester said: “We get people are angry, but channel that anger into something productive; peaceful rallies, petitions, raising awareness. The second you start destroying property and attacking police, you write your own counter narrative; people will just see criminals who need a firm hand from the police, not a movement with a justified cause.”

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  1. Exactly. And we’ve got more than enough overly firm hands flashing badges before using their clubs, stun guns and worse. So many great efforts, so much energy for change, so willing people are to gather for goodness, but woven into the mix is greed, opportunism, and selfishness. I hope the police, and the military who are ” just doing their job” and the opportunists who feel “why not? I’m owed at least this if not more” realize the harm they represent to all of us. They create a world where speaking your truth is speaking into the void.

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