“Don’t miss my latest adventures!” says Dominic Cummings as BBC One commissions new travel show.

By Ellie Taylor

It has been reported that despite disapproval from government ministers and massive public backlash, over the past 10 weeks Dominic Cummings has been spotted travelling to and enjoying all kinds of UK destinations. So far he has been spotted in areas such as the Lake District, and  Liverpool Royal Albert Docks.

“I saw him walking along the docks with a camera crew, whilst callously licking all of the railings!” Said a furious scouse man.

When approached and questioned about his actions, he said “I am worried about my hamster, Tiddles, hes been a bit depressed all locked up – he loves the docks. And Boris has very clearly displayed he supports my decisions – hence my cameramen and new show, now shoo.”

This acceptance of clear rule violations from Boris has caused BBC to jump at the chance to film some new and original TV entertainment. Road Trip: with Dominic Cummings will be aired soon on BBC 1. The show will follow Dominic Cummings on his trips across the country during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. 

Episode 1: Mum’s Birthday is set to be released in a weeks time and will include exclusive interviews with the livid locals. Rumours suggest there will be over 3 seasons as Cummings is spotted in all types of locations. 

“I’m just glad I could put Barnard Castle on the map,” says Cummings, “and I’ve always wanted my own TV show.”

The country is both chuffed and horrified by the new BBC series.

“I am mortified at him parading around his complete lack of respect for his own advice, but at least it will be something new on the TV!” One man told us.

“I’m not too fussed about the rule-breaking anymore. I didn’t know what we were going to do when Gogglebox ended, so I’m excited to see how this goes.” Admitted Boris. 

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