Twitter to sign executive order against Donald Trump

By Acton Murry

President Trump has now managed to add Twitter to his list of critics, after threatening to sign an executive order against social media, prompting Twitter to fight fire with fire.

It’s believed the dispute has arisen after Twitter dared put a fact check label on one of the Presidents Tweets, as they would do with any irresponsible and falsely sourced Tweet. Seeing the anger it caused has given Twitter an idea. A spokesman said:

“We’re going to swap the ‘official ticks’ around,” grinned Steven Evans “So we’ll control the ‘Official’ Trump account and his will appear as a fake account. That way we can see how many of his supporters suddenly start calling him an idiot for his claims.”

A White House spokesman said President Trump was ’displeased with social media censorship’ and so was also planning to fight fire with fire, or rather ‘censorship with censorship’.

“Its quiet obvious and simple really,” said a White House spokesman, not entirely convinced “I mean, he’s upset with social media censorship, so he’s going to threaten social media with censorship, I guess?”

“I mean, he can’t do any of that without passing any new laws, and Congress kind of has its hands full right now, what with more Americans having died from COVID in three months than from the last 44 years of armed conflicts combined,”

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