Britain re-assured normality is on the horizon, as Brexit now being mentioned in media again

By Tony Curram

The British public have been reassured that normality is on the horizon, not by politicians or a minor ease in lockdown, but by the British media again mentioning Brexit. Mrs Smith from Oxford said: “Ooo Brexit! I’d forgotten that word even existed!”

Although many in Britain are beginning to struggle with the prolonged disruption to everyday life, many have been quick to congratulate the BBC on their continued effort to bring high quality entertainment to the public. Mr Cooper from Hull said:

“Brilliant, looks like Brexit is being renewed for another series! I saw a bit of the teaser trailer on BBC the other day when Mr Gove was being grilled on Corona virus (Boring! Old news!). Then suddenly got asked how Brexit negotiations were going,”

“Looking at his stupid, stunned face, I’m guessing not at all! Which is good news for the fourth series of Brexit. I hope they get all the usual characters back; Farage, Boris, Cummings,”

“Oh maybe they could get May back and strike up a weird romance ‘will they, wont they’ plot between her and Farage. You know, to shake it up a bit and keep it fresh.”

Out of concern for Mr Cooper, we asked him if he was aware that Brexit wasn’t a political satire show, but a real life event, to which he replied:

“No, of course it isn’t, it’s just cutting satire. Isn’t it? Otherwise you’re telling me we let them drive around in a big red bus promising extra money for the NHS, lie to people’s faces for votes, then once in power do the exact opposite; fund the NHS even less. And now tell us to clap for our ‘amazing NHS’ that’s barely coping, due to years of under funding. And we did…nothing?”

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