Social Distancing Needs To Stay Long Term.

By Ellie Taylor

As everybody gets used to social distancing in the UK, opinions have shifted to wether it should stay in place amongst strangers.

It’s actually quite enjoyable. No longer will you get shoved by trolleys or people bumping into you in the supermarket. Bombarded by children when I’m 24 years old and just trying to enjoy the slide by myself. In light of current events, people make room for each other to get past in the street rather than awkwardly shuffling past each other as nobody wants to move. Plus people moving out of the way as I walk down the pavement really helps encourage my sense of self-importance. 

Sweaty crowds and smelly ques are a thing of the past as everybody is forced to ensure they stay out of other peoples personal bubbles. 

Carol from Facebook says “I social distance all the time, not just in lockdown, I hate it when people invade personal space, and sit right by you or are right behind you in a queue, social distancing should be kept in place. Fuck people”.

It’s become noticeable lately that people before lockdown were just rude – and this is no reason to have to leave the supermarket with black and blue elbows from bashing into everybody. I personally always put in my best effort to avoid other humans, and special effort to meet dogs. 

Due to this, it has now been announced that social distancing will stay in place indefinitely. Anyone caught to be rude or invading strangers personal space in public will be fined. 

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