Economists hoping for the ‘V’, just like most married men

By Tony Curram

UK economists are hoping today that the Bank of England will revealing the ‘V’ today that they’ve all been dreaming; a sharp drop in the economy, followed by a rapid bounce back.

However, there was confusion over the terminology used, leading many married me to take to twitter to express their support. One married man, Dale Alexander, tweeted:

“I feel you buddy, I’ve been hoping for the ‘V’ for weeks, but the missus says not until I do the Joe Wicks workout with her”.

Another, Scott Greenham tweeted “I’ve been putting ‘show me the V’ on the calendar every day for 2 weeks, and every time one of the kids won’t sleep; they do say kids are the best form of contraception.”

After a brief spell of confusion Kamal Ahmed, the BBC Economics editor, took to twitter to clarify the term: “When we talk about the ‘V’ in economics, we’re talking about the shape of the graph, caused by a sharp drop, followed by an immediate bounce back; it’s the best-case forecast we could hope for – get your head out the gutter!”

“Oh, well that’s a less interesting,” said Mr Greenham “although I suppose avoiding a recession would be nice,”

“Although personally I don’t see what they’re mutually exclusive; maybe I can have both?”


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