Construction industry’s dismay as wolf whistling down 427% due to COVID pandemic

By Tony Curram

The construction industry has been left wondering if they will ever recover from the COVID19 pandemic as new statistics were released today detailing the industries down turn due to lockdown.

Wolf whistling was hardest hit, down 427% compared to this time last year, while brew and biscuit consumption were down 365%. Even standing around, watching one person work was down an astonishing 300%. Graham Watts, Chief Executive of the Construction Industry Council (CIC), said:

“It’s difficult times. First we were concerned about sticking to social distancing guidelines and confused over what was classed as essential work. However now we have the added danger of what’s happening to our industry; both financially and culturally,”

“I’m sure the industry will survive and bounce back, but at what cost? Imagine a country where a young woman doesn’t get ogled by a construction worker baring too much arse crack; brew in one hand, digestive biscuit in the other. It doesn’t bare thinking about.”

We asked members of the construction industry how they feel about the grim statistics. Plumber Dave Hutchins from York said: “Business has been really slow lately, takings are really down. Fortunately with the pubs being shut my outgoings have been drastically reduced so were coping.”

“The real tragedy is the working environment, I’m not surprised wolf whistling is so badly hit. It’s hard to get in the mood to act inappropriately towards a woman that’s wrapped a tea towel round her grid and is peering around a door to speak to you whilst spraying Dettol.”


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