‘Nicholas Cage’s finances are also horrendous, making him perfect to play Joe Exotic’ states director

By Tony Curram

Nicolas Cage is to star in a TV series based on the exploits of the Tiger King documentary. The documentary shown on Netflix became an overnight sensation, leaving fans wanting more.

The scripted TV series will focus on Joe Exotic, a gun-toting, gay cowboy, exotic animal owner living in the middle of butt f*ck Oklahoma, running a highly dysfunctional wildlife park. Producers were thrilled to have Mr Cage on board:

“He’s the perfect fit!” declared Director Mr Ensfield “Being able to get into the mind of the character is very important for an actor, and Nicholas cage has been right where Joe Exotic has been; on the wrong side of the law, left without a pot to piss in. Apparently he can act too, which will help.”

Mr Cage is well known for accepting roles at a prolific rate; ever since being caught for tax evasion and being forced to pay back millions, leaving him bankrupt. Even so, the role will be Mr Cages debut into the world of TV, we approached the star for comment, but he seemed confused:

“Tiger King? Which ones that one again? Is that the one with the tigers and a hurricane and I’ve got 48 hours to save the earth from a freak storm of raining tigers? Or the super budget Asian knock-off of Lion King? I’ve accepted 10 roles this week, so forgive me, I’m a little hazy.”


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