Flat-Earthers anger at Duolingo for ‘The Earth is round’ practice sentence

By Tony Curram

Duolingo has come under heavy criticism from the flat Earth movement today, after realising the language education programme uses the practice sentence: ‘The Earth is round’ for multiple languages.

The revelation occurred when a literate flat Earth theorist, Mr Birch from Croydon, decided to try out the popular free language platform:

“I was just seeing if I could find any clues to other countries that don’t really exist you know, like Australia. Maybe notice a language that’s quite clearly made up.”

“At first I thought it might have just been one language, and would have let them off. But when I tried several different ones I noticed the same practice sentence; the earth is round. This just shows prejudice against our beliefs; they should at least have a sentence saying ‘the earth is flat’, just for balance.”

Duolingo, an interactive software that enables people to learn any language, including endangered ones for free, released a statement:

“Duolingo aims to be free, educational and available to ALL people, and it was never out intent to offend people of any beliefs,”

“However that said, we do expect our users as a minimum to be literate and capable of reasoned thought, and therefore didn’t think the Flat Earther demographic was one we’d have to take into account.”

“It’s true, Flat Earth believers like me are a bit of a white Rhino,” conceded Mr Birch “But we do exist; We’re the ones who organise it all and make money off the illiterate ones.”


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