2020 cancelled until further notice, confirm World Health Organisation

By Tony Curam


Millions of people have been left dismayed as the World Health Organisation (WHO) cancel 2020, despite clearly posting ‘2020 is going to be my year’ on their social media accounts in January.

The cancellation comes as hopes for a vaccine to be produced this year are now ‘highly unlikely’, with many experts not expecting one to be readily available until well into 2021, possibly longer; the average creation time for a new vaccine is 6-10 years.

“I don’t know what to do,” wailed Ms Sutton, from Leeds “Every year, I’ve stayed stuck in a job I hate, and gained weight by doing nothing but stuff my face and sit on the Sofa. So last New Year’s Eve I made the resolution to find a new job and exercise; 2020 was to be my year. And now it’s gone.”


“Now I’m Furloughed from the new job I found, and am again stuck on the sofa, stuffing my face and getting fat.”

Dr Tedros Adhanom, head of the WHO said “With a vaccine likely some time away, it seems some form of lockdown and restriction on mass gatherings and normal social interaction will be necessary.”

“Therefore we have recommended all countries simply cancel 2020; we’ll call it a ‘Gap Year’. You know, like when prospective Uni students have a ‘gap year’, filled with doing nothing but prolonging going to work.”

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