Americans being Americans; some stereotypes are justified

By Tony Curram


Americans in their thousands have proved that some stereotypes are full heartedly justified, staging MASS PROTESTS against the lockdown and social distancing.

The US now has over 761,000 cases and more than 40,000 deaths; with numbers still rising, it is believed to be the worst effected third world country.

Yet still, thousands have flooded their streets, throwing social distance guidelines aside, to protest their governors to open up their states. Many were seen waving slogans saying ‘Give me liberty or give me COVID19’.

“Well why do they need to be mutually exclusive?” remarked President Trump “I’m perfectly happy for the American people to have both!”

“Anyway, these protests I’ve seen, well organised, law abiding. Everyone was at least 6ft away from each other. Those photos are fake news. FAKE NEWS!”


Protesters say the stay-at-home measures imposed by state governments to control the spread of Covid-19 are an overreaction, saying the restrictions are causing long term damage to the economy for no reason. Some have even come bearing firearms, claiming the lockdown infringes on their civil liberties.

Many of the protesters believe that the virus isn’t as bad as the media have made it look, or believe themselves to be healthy enough to fight the virus off and so not to worry.

“I’m young and healthy!” yelled Ms Rider, from Michigan “yea alright, Nan and Granddad might not make it, but then I’ll get a nice inheritance. Yay capitalism! Get the shops open!”


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