Can’t be short of PPE if you say you don’t need PPE, Government realise.

By Tony Curram


Health Minister Matt Hancock today has eased the massive PPE crisis faced by our NHS by simply changing the advice to ‘don’t worry about it.’

Its comes as the World Health Organisation and Health and Safety executive state that regular and thorough washing of arms and body, while much less practical and time consuming, will do the same job. Again, assuming staff have the time to do so.

“The WHO and HSE have said while not ideal, it is still ‘safe’” Mr Hancock declared “So we are now not short on gowns, everything is fine. Our staff will just spend half a shift washing themselves.”

The government are struggling with the logistics and supply vs demand of acquiring PPE during a global pandemic, citing no one saw this event coming so why would they have a warehouse full of equipment. Which would be fair comment, if they hadn’t carried out a training scenario in 2017 which advised we should have a substantial back stock of PPE, ventilators and various other equipment.


It’s not all grim news; many UK fashion retailers including, Burberry and Barbour, have risen to the challenge and will churning out thousands of gowns and face masks to meet UK demand. Mr Hancock said:

“Just so we are crystal clear; when there is no PPE, it is perfectly fine and safe not to wear it. However once PPE is again, available, everyone will be wearing it again for their safety. And I for one can’t wait to wear a Burberry patterned one!”


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