Man to add ‘Winning Warzone on Call of Duty’ to CV.

By Tony Curram


Mr Cooper, a 30 year old man from Stoke, is adding his glorious win on the new chaotic game mode Warzone to his CV; a culmination of weeks of game play.

The new game mode on popular first person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, pits teams of up to four people in a 150 person arena against each other. Starting off with nothing but a pistol, teams have to scavenge for equipment whilst staying alive in an ever shrinking combat zone. Mr Cooper said:

“I’m absolutely buzzing! I got furloughed so was going to do some free Open University courses as advised in on The Larking Herald, and pad the CV out ready for job hunting. But I got side tracked by Call of Duty:Modern Warfare, or Cod as we hip guys call it.”


“I’m so glad I did! We only had a three man team too! That win was definitely in my top 5 moments of all time, and I’m married with four kids, I’ll just leave it at that before I get in trouble.”

We asked top recruitment consulting, Mr Burgess, if having a Warzone win on a CV would open up any opportunities:

“Well usually we’d be purely interested in qualifications and prior experience but, a win on Warzone? And starting a member down? He’d definitely get his foot in the door for an interview; I wonder what load-out he uses. I’m sure we’d have plenty to discuss.”


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