Man changes mind on licence fee after lock-down BBC binge

By Tony Curram


Matt Stevenson, a father of 2 from Nottingham, has u-turned his opinion on the licence fee after utilising the BBC extensively since the UK initiated lock-down measures.

“At first, I had no idea what I was going to do with the kids, I took one look at their homework and immediately panicked” said Mr Stevenson “I couldn’t remember what phonetics were, what the hell is a CVC word? What are they teaching kids these days?! All I remember from first school was colouring in pictures.”

“That’s where the BBC has been a godsend; put Number Blocks on or Do You Know with Maddie Motes, you can’t go wrong. Anything on CBeebies They’ve even been learning some sign language from Mr Tumble!”


The BBC has faced mounting scrutiny for the last few years over the legally enforced TV licence fee, with many arguing they pay for additional services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sky; the key argument being value for money or people stating ‘I don’t watch the BBC’.

“Oh yea I’m converted” said Mrs Stuart from Rochester “It’s not just the kids’ stuff, did you know they do adults TV too? I can’t stop watching that Killing Eve and the Last Tango in Halifax always makes me laugh!”

However many are still not convinced that the BBC gives value for money. One man from Kent, who was in the process of burning a 5G mast, accused the BBC of ‘brain washing’ while another ,who refused to be named, said he resented the licence fee and saw it as ‘another tax’. When asked to explain his feelings he stated: “They sacked Clarkson so f*ck ‘em!”

Guess you can’t please everyone.

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