Concerns over MP’s financial stability eased after generous expenses package revealed.

By Tony Curram

The UK public can breathe a little easier today after MP’s unanimously and generously agreed to allow a £10,000, no questions asked, allowance for additional expenses incurred by working from home. This is in addition to the £26,000 MPs can claim to cover office costs.

“I was beginning to get concerned,” said father of 3 Mr Peters from Leeds “I mean, I’m having to work from home with an old Dell laptop that can’t even run modern porn sites. It probably struggles with Word too.”

“My company is under a lot of financial pressure and so far isn’t receiving the level of help it needs from government. They can’t afford flashy new work laptops for everyone. So it’s good to know MP’s can submit up to a total of £10,000; £5,000 in one single transaction, for new IT and office equipment. I just wonder where they find the money.”

Conservative MP Julie Marson was quick to clarify: “No MP will see an extra penny of this in their bank accounts. The IPSA increased the office budget to provide staff who primarily work from the office the ability to work from home, and to produce and distribute COVID19 information.”

“However, they will be working on a new state of the art laptop; brand new top of the line smartphone; luxury solid mahogany desk and office chair with matching solid mahogany filing cabinet (of course)…..”

The Larking Herald attempted to spend £10,000 on office supplies, here’s where we got to:

New Apple MacBook Pro: £2,568HP Pro 477dw Multifunction Printer: £1,044
Walnut Computer Table Desk: £1,679Internet, pens, ink, miscellaneous: a generous £1,000
Larking Heralds Total: £6,291. And that’s deliberately trying to spend money.
Items Sourced from

What would your home office look like with £10,000? Follow the links in the table and see how much of £10,000 you can spend. Feel free to comment your results below!


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