Weekly Weather Forecast

This week’s guest presenter; recently unemployed Dr Calderwood


Firstly, I’d like to point out you shouldn’t care what the weather is as you won’t be leaving your house! Unless it’s to frequent a second home, which I doubt you peasants have.

Anyway, I suppose this might be helpful if you’re one of those people that like exercise, personally I stick to Gin and Tom Hardy for raising my heart rate.

Anyway; In the South you should find this afternoon will remain dry with further long spells of sunshine, perfect beer garden weather some would say. Pity they’re shut. Maybe try having a beer on your doorstep instead? The evening will stay dry, much like my Gin, but a band of cloud will spread north (typical).

Tomorrow will bring variable cloud amounts and some hazy sunshine, once any fog patches have lifted (maybe do any commuting between homes during the cover of fog). Most places dry but the odd shower cannot be ruled out. Unless you’re in my house, where there definitely won’t be any showers, or getting dressed. Fairly warm for most.


Outlook for Thursday to Saturday

The second half of this week will be very warm. A foggy start on Thursday. Once any fog or mist lifts, there will be sunny spells with some patchy cloud developing during the afternoon. Friday looks to be largely dry and sunny, but the odd shower may be possible in places. But I will definitely still be unemployed. Mostly cloudy skies are expected on Saturday, perhaps with some showery rain for some. Hopefully continually over that photographer from The Sun.

Presented by Dr Calderwood, former Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, until she right royally shot herself in the foot.

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