Carnage after father accidentally buys children amazingly inappropriate colouring books

By Tony Curram


Chaos has descended on a family home today, as a father of 2 has been severely chastised by his wife after inadvertently providing his children with adult colouring books.

The colouring books, some of which feature amazing, beautifully drawn animals and sceneries of great complexity designed to keep bored adults entertained, were mixed in with other adult books. Which featured words such as ‘Cock’ in great stylised writing.

“It’s a disaster!” wailed Mr Stevens from Croydon “The kids were using up all my office paper for drawing all kinds of rubbish. So I went on Amazon and saw some really cool colouring books on offer. I thought it’d take them ages to colour in that elephant. So I just clicked on a load.”


It’s believed during his manic clicking, Mr Stevens inadvertently clicked on a colouring book of swear words. This was then handed to his children hidden amongst the pile of detailed animal drawings and sceneries.

The couple were first alerted to an issue when one of the children began sounding out letters, attempting to read the ‘new tricky word’ “T-W-A-T” sounded out 3 year old Ellie confidently “What does that spell?”

At this point Mrs Stevens swooped in and confiscated the lewd book, causing a horrendous tantrum, and expressed her displeasure at her “T-W-A-T of a husband.”

“I’m scared to come in the house,” said Mr Stevens grimly “Maybe I’ll just camp in the garden with the kids.”

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Keep your sanity during isolation with one of these amazing colouring books; From beautifully drawn wild animals and landscapes, to slightly lower brow stylised swear words (my personal favourite). Click here.


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