“Why can’t I work from home all the time?” asks man on third beer of the day

By Tony Curram


The coronavirus has been crippling to UK business, forcing many companies to engineer new working practices, utilising modern technology to keep their businesses going. Never before have so many people had the opportunity of working from home, and the move has been extremely popular.

“It’s brilliant!” Says Dave Smith, an insurance policy writer from Dorking “I’ve never felt so productive, so inspired! I can have a break if I want, watch a bit of telly, I don’t even need to get dressed! Look at this; 1130am and on my third beer of the day. What an age to be alive.”

Mr Smith’s manager and co-workers are not so impressed with his new found ‘productivity and inspiration’. “We had a conference call the other day, and Dave seemed to be either unaware or uncaring of 2 very key facts; firstly he was on video call and secondly; he wasn’t wearing clothes.”


Dave Smiths of the world aside, many employers have been pleasantly surprised with the productivity from their remote working employees and the ease of the switch from office to home. Many employees are keen to keep the trend going even after the lockdown has been lifted, although many are keen to get back to the office.

“Can I go to work now?!” pleaded Lisa Waterton from Kent, attempting to extract a screaming 2 year old from her leg whilst stopping her new-born grabbing her laptop all to the sound of her 5 year old banging a wooden brick off the radiator chanting ‘What’s for lunch! What’s for lunch?’


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