Italy finally famous for something other than Pizza


By Acton Murry

Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities Dario Franceschini, is telling other nations ‘careful what you wish for’ after Italy finally become famous for something other than Pizza. Mr Franceschini has often felt frustrated that his country’s achievements are overlooked.

“We were the heart of the Roman Empire! Colosseums! Our art work and contribution to culture; Dantes Inferno painted in our minds the modern concept of hell; Michelangelo and his sculptures have inspired songs and literature. All this reduced to the sound bite; they invented Pizza”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, our history isn’t all great. There’s that wobbly spell in the 1940’s, but who hasn’t accidentally backed the wrong horse before?”


Italy remains in lockdown, with whole areas of the country resembling a ghost town despite this time of year usually being a high point in Italy’s tourism industry.

Italy is currently the most severely affected country in Europe, with over 195,351 cases and 26,384 deaths, knocking the country from ‘That place that does good pizza’ to ‘Corona Central’. Although both Spain and the UK are closely catching up.

“It’s a disaster! In the future, if I ask people ‘who Leonardo Da Vinci was’, they’ll probably have forgotten!”

“Or just reply ‘was he the first Italian to get Coronavirus?”


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