‘It’s ok, I have 2 spare ones’ Mothers defence to leaving infant in Aldi car park


By Acton Murry

A woman from Gillingham has sparked outrage after attempting to drive off, leaving her 1 year old still in the car park. 26 year old Mrs Eileen Dover from Gillingham, Kent, who describes herself on Facebook as ‘Part time mommy, full time honey’ and lists Love Island and Lambrini as her interests, is a frequent customer at the local store.

“She’s always in here, trying to use an out of date coupon and demanding to see the manager” sighed Store Manager Steven Burgess “You usually know she’s arrived as she’s always screaming at someone down the phone as she walks in, sometimes whilst using one of her toddlers on reigns as some kind of kick ball”


“I remember the incident quite clearly” began check out worker Susan Shirt “She had just spent £36 on alcohol and £8 on nappies and food for the kids, but only had £40 on her and an out of date coupon so had to put the nappies back”

“I watched as she left the shop, loaded the shopping and 2 of the kids into the car, paused to re-arrange her ‘juicy’ jogging bottoms so they finally covered her thong, and get in the car to drive off leaving her kid in the trolley. I was shocked! So I called out for security”

Two security guards ran into the car park and one frantically flagged Mrs Dover down as she attempted to drive off while the other rescued the child from the trolley which had begun rolling down the car park at pace towards the A road.

“Oh, great, thanks. Just chuck him in the back. Do you have a light?…What?! You try and remember you have 3 kids! It’s not like I don’t have spares!”


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