Yorkshire unanimously tell Chancellor Rishi Sunak to ‘Do One’ amid Yorkshire Tea boycott


By Acton Murry

Chancellor Rishis Sunak has caused the top brand, Yorkshire Tea, to come under heavy criticism from the general public, resulting in Yorkshire Teas newly formed Public Relations department to have to release a statement.

“Since 1977, we haven’t even NEEDED to have a PR department!” Said a frustrated company executive “I mean, who doesn’t love Tea?! But after Corbyn-gate in 2017 and the subsequent backlash, we knew we had to get in front of any future possible embarrassments. And now this! It’s enough to make anyone a coffee drinker”

In testament to both the great love and admiration felt for the newly appointed Chancellor, and the fact that everyone loves seeing public servants on £71,000 per year posing to make tea and extending their break, Yorkshire simply said ‘***k off’.


Local resident Lee Shields said “Great, not only do we know we’re going to be screwed once again in 2weeks time, but now we also know it was overseen by a man so competent, he was relegated to Brew boy”

“At least if Boris gets back to his usual tricks, he knows someone who can give him a hand keeping the press hydrated”


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